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Man Chong Window & Door Enginnering Company Limited

Man Chong Window & Door Engineering has been involved in the fabrication and supply of windows and doors, electric roof, shade screen, insect screen, glass house, series of bath screens products to the Hong Kong and China market since 1995 and is now a leading supplier of aluminium windows and doors to the Hong Kong and China market.

Man Chong is proud to be a privately owned company with 170,000 sq. feet manufacturing location across Foshan, China, employing over 200 people.

Man Chong has a strong reputation for product quality and service and strives to continually evolve and innovate our product range to meet our customer needs, designing products to suit our lifestyles and climatic conditions. Our products and services are highly recommended by decoration companies, contractors and property owners.

Man Chong Window & Door uses the Germany advanced machinery and equipment, Australia aluminium, all metal parts from all over the world, together with professional design team to fabricate various high-performance products.