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Roller Shutter

MINIROL Roller Shutter as the indoor and outdoor sun shade products has been used for decades in Europe, it has been widely used in residential buildings and office buildings. Roller Shutter has the great performance in sun shading, heat insulation, noise reduction, decoration, security and other performance. Roller Shutter is rolled by Germany double-layer aluminum-magnesium alloy, through sophisticated production technology. The foamy material is filled inside the profile for noise isolation. Screens films selected environmental insulation materials, can effectively maintain the indoor temperature and save energy. The solid profile has the great performance in security. Roller Shutter can be installed within the push and tamper proof device. After closing the Roller Shutter, it can not be easily opened from the outside.

  • Roller Shutter
  • Roller Shutter
  • Roller Shutter

Roller Shutter's different installation methods

Roller Shutter is easy to instal, wide range of use, can be installed at any time that not affect the construction of other projects.

  • Classic built-on installation

    For completed building

    • Inside built-on

      Inside built-on

    • Outside built-on

      Outside built-on

  • Classic built-in installation

    For completed building

    • Front built-in

      Front built-in

      Over 350mm wall thick

    • Top built-in

      Top built-in

      Within 300mm wall thick

  • Integrated installation

    Integrated installation

    Within 300mm wall thick

Roller Shutter's different operation methods

  • Manual tape

    Manual tape

    A tape drive around a flange on the roller is traced through the building facade with pulley guides to an inertia reel on the room side.

  • Cranked pole

    Cranked pole

    With gear drive from the shutter roller traced through the building facade to a universal joint on the room side that is operated by a cranked pole.

  • Electric


    With a tubular motor fitted within the roller. There are many intelligent control mode for you.

Apart from general doors and windows, Roller Shutter can also be used in other places.

  • Slant roof Slant roof
  • Flat roof Flat roof
  • Swimming pool cover Swimming pool cover
  • Bookshelf Bookshelf
  • Irregular windows Irregular windows